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Raising Public Awareness on

Pediatric Brain Cancer through

Education & Advocacy

The Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation was established December 2004 in honor of the memory of Meghan Bradley, who passed away on November 7th, 2004 due to brain cancer. In preserving her memory, we aim to raise the public awareness and research of pediatric brain cancer.



To raise public awareness regarding pediatric brain cancer through education and advocacy

To raise funds for pediatric brain cancer research in the hopes of saving the lives of other children in the future

To provide scholarships to local area school students for outstanding achievements

Grab a Meg-A-Smile Bracelet for only $2.00!

All proceeds go to support the Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation

Quick Facts: Pediatric Brain Tumors have surpassed leukemia as the leading cause of cancer related deaths in children. Approximately 3,140 children under the age of 20 are diagnosed with primary brain tumors; of that number approximately, 2000 of these children are ages 16 and under. Science has yet to discover the causes of these primary brain tumors, however, current research is being focused on both genetic and environmental factors.

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